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I am so glad you're here. Choosing the right photographer for your wedding day or another special occasion can be difficult. Something about my photography caught your eye and I am absolutely grateful! So let's get to know each other a little better...


My name is Sierra Shay Wright and I am a photographer living in Carlsbad Ca. I focus on destination and adventure weddings and elopements. Getting married somewhere far away from Ca? I'm there! Traveling is another passion of mine. When I get the opportunity to see a new place while doing what I love, it sets my soul on fire.

When I'm not behind the camera capturing magic, you can find me at the gym pushing myself to achieve a new fitness goal, or cruising along the beach on my bike with my boyfriend Redford searching for a spot to watch the sunset over the ocean. I'm a sucker for a beautiful sunset and try to catch one as often as I can.


If I have a free day, I'm almost always on the lookout for a cute plant shop for a new baby to add to my already overflowing home. Shout out to my fellow plant lovers! I also can't pass us a good margarita and tacos somewhere on a patio with my closest friends and family.

That's enough about me... Let me get to know more about you!

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